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Preserve the Past.
Share with the Future.


Counting Coup Media is a group of ambitious filmmakers who are focused on bringing a new kind of quality and style to the Native community. With over ten years of experience in video, photography, digital signage, animation and sound design, they can handle any project that hits their table.

The company is currently working in association with the Kalispel Tribe, Camas Path, and the Spokane Tribe.

Recent Film

Red Road

Let's bring it to life.

Counting Coup Media is always ready to make your best ideas a reality. Personal art, corporate advertising, or anywhere in between, just give us the green light.

Meet Us

Each member of Counting Coup Media upholds high standards to give you high-quality production.


Ryan Abrahamson has a life long love affair with art and cinema. He interjects his American Indian cultural motifs into every modern illustration, film and musical composition he creates.


Michael Kane has 10 years of related work experience with an aptitude in filmmaking: directing, dp, writing, editing, and producing. Has a unique view with an emphasis on finding the beauty in darkness. t is currently the lead writer, director and editor for Counting Coup Media.


Geordey's puts his waking hours into frame by frame animation, and it shows. He puts great skill and effort into every project, and it shows.


Aaron has an eye for design and animation. With a passion for drawing and painting he brings a wide variety of skill to each project.